Students growth not only based in Academic, also contributes from extra activities. Extra curricular activities will help the children to improve his moral as well as social relations.

Special Day Celebrations :

To know more about our nation and its integrity the special day celebrations are conducting in connection with Independence day and Republic day. Also Reading Day, Anti Narcotic Day, Friendship Day, Farmers Day, Teachers day, Quiz day are the few special days celebrated during academic year. Dignities from the social circle will give special message to children and related competitions are conducting along with it.

School students are grouped into houses. Each house has captains monitored and directed by teachers. All competitions results are given points to the houses. The cumulative highest scoring house will awarded trophies.

Annual Day :

Annual day, Shermount day is celebrated usually during the month of December. Children will perform their activities on annual day. Annual day will get more grace with presence of a celebrity from Cine field. Trophies will be awarded to perfect students of each sessions, top performed houses are given trophies, Arts and Sports champians are also awarded.

Arts Fest :

Arts fest conducted for students to perform their extra curricular activites on stage performance such as Elocution, Song, Story Telling, Action Song, Dance, Recitation also off stage activities such as Essay Competitions, Drawing, Colouring etc.. Arts fest conducted in month of September. The best of Arts fest will be performed on Annual Day.

Sports Fest :

Physical Education been given importance in school curiculam. Sports meet conducted in month of November. Students participating in Athletics events. Champions in each category awarded special mention in annual day.

Childrens Day :

It’s the colourful day event. Fancy dress, Dance, Dubs mash competitions are conducted in this day to celebrate the birthday of Chachaji.

Club Activities :

Clubs like Balajanasakhyam, Nallapadam, Farmers Club, Quiz Club are the club activities conducted in school.

Extra Curricular Activities :

Extra Curricular Activities are aimed at mental stress relief for children. Every Tuesdays are exclusively named for activities. Music, Dance, Karate, Yoga, Roller Scatting are main extra activities. Participation in any one activity is must. Trained and professional trainers are giving training. Dance performance and music performance will be the highlights in annual day.


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