Thank you for your interest in Shermount. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn about Shermount School – a truly magical place.

Complete our Online Inquiry Form to let us know that you
are interested in Shermout, Our Representative will try to contact you and schedule you an appointment to visit us.

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Once our representative has contacted, please pay a small fee amount at the school within 5 days, the amount will be notified by the representative.
Once the registration fees is paid, parents will be notified about entrance test for the applicants.Click here to see the entrance exam portions for the grades that you have
registered for.
The admission will be confirmed for each student, based on his/her age, as well as the entrance test results. Once the admission is confirmed, parents will be notified about the fee structure & further application.
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Admission Procedure (Detailed).


To begin the admission process please fill the registration form online (Click Here
for Registration form). Once you have submitted the online application, you will
receive an acknowledgement email. This email will contain a registration number
and information on next steps. If required please print a copy of the email and keep
it for your records. Do also note the registration number as a reference for future
correspondence and queries.

(Online form)


The online enquiry is then validated and reviewed to check the admission criteria.
On confirmation you would receive an email or telephonic information .You can
visit school and pay the registration fees at the fee counter in cash only. Registration
fee payment should be completed within 5 days from date of registration, otherwise
this registration will become null and void. The prospectus can also be purchased at
the school by paying the stipulated amount at the fee counter.


Once the registration fees is paid, parents will receive an email for the scheduled date of
the interactive session (for KG 1) or entrance test (for grade KG 2 and above).  The
parent/sponsor and the child should visit the school at least 15 minutes prior to the
appointment. Click here to see the entrance exam portions for the grades that you have
registered for.


After successful completion of the entrance exam/interaction with the school officials, you
will receive an email or a telephonic confirmation call to confirm your admission and also
the documents that you will be required to submit to complete the admission process.
The admission will be confirmed for each student, based on his/her age, as well as the
entrance test results. In case the school is full as per capacity for the required grade, we will
put the student on our waiting list. As soon as a seat is available, we will intimate you on
the next steps.
Once the admission is confirmed, parents will receive an email with the details of the
amount that is to be payed as the First month tuition fee along with the other annual fee.
Payment can be done by paying cash at the school fee counter within 10 working days of
confirmation. If the fees is not paid within 10 working days, the admission will be moved to
the waiting list and may only be available by turn.
All receipts after payments of registration and admission fees will be sent to the email
registered by the parent.
After successful payment of the admission amount, the parent will receive an email.
At the time of admission,
1. Admission form
2. Copies of Birth Certificate and Adhar
3. Transfer certificate (T C) and conduct certificate
4. Medical Card filled and duly signed by a registered medical practitioner (Click here to
download medical card)
5. 4Pasport size Photographs
6. School reports / current year term progress report
7. Copy of Cast certificate
There may be additional documents required at this stage and this will be informed to you,
if applicable.